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The Government’s mixed message on family rights

In 2012, the Coalition Government took more baby steps to improve the family rights regime in the UK. It announced that from 2015, the additional paternity leave introduced in 2010 will be abolished and in its place a new flexible parental leave provision will afford mothers the ability to share their leave with the father/their … Continue Reading

Legal discrimination in the 21st century

Recently the General Synod of the Church of England voted to approve the ordination of women bishops.  However, the requisite two thirds majority was only reached in two (Bishops and Clergy) out of the three Houses.  The House of Laity was six votes short of the necessary two thirds majority, which ultimately meant that the … Continue Reading

Changes to UK disability law in train?

I am writing this in Cricklewood.  At Cricklewood Station, actually.  I have been here some time. There is no telling when I might be able to leave.  I am sitting on a narrow seat next to a very large but insufficiently-showered gentleman with a moron’s taste in music and ill-fitting headphones.  I am having another … Continue Reading

Squire Sanders Labor and Employment Seminar: What Every Business Needs to Know About Having Employees Outside the U.S.

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey will present a complimentary labor and employment seminar on September 14.  This seminar will provide participants with an understanding of the essential characteristics of employment laws in China, Germany and the UK. Squire Sanders’ global Labor & Employment Practice Group co-leaders Susan M. DiMickele and Caroline Noblet, joined by partners Nicholas … Continue Reading