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Proposed new EU regulatory regime for Artificial Intelligence – more relevant to HR than you might think (UK)

For the last year or so the EU Commission has been working on the world’s first serious attempt to create a regulatory framework around the use of AI, the Artificial Intelligence Act.  The Proposal itself runs to over 100 pages of dense type and no pictures, so is a fairly off-putting read at first look.  … Continue Reading

Mental health and difficult meetings – how far can the employer insist?

Much has been written over the last month or so about Mental Health, and rightly so.  It has now overtaken back pain as the principal cause of workplace absence in the UK.  Anything which encourages an environment in which mental health issues may be more openly discussed and genuine sufferers’ sense of isolation or embarrassment … Continue Reading

Performance management the television way

For reasons well beyond me, fans of the BBC show “The Apprentice” welcomed its return to UK television screens earlier this month for the start of its seventh series. For those yet to witness this prime piece of car crash entertainment, the premise is simple. Sixteen of Britain’s alleged “best business brains” (no, really) battle … Continue Reading