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It’s All the Wage! Historic Minimum Wage Increases in California and New York; New York Institutes 12-Week Paid Family Leave

Today (April 4, 2016) California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 3, raising California’s minimum wage to $15 by 2023.  Under that law, minimum wage in the state of California (currently $10.00 per hour) will increase as follows: Beginning date Small employer (1-25 employees) Large employer (26 or more employees) January 1, 2017 $10.00 $10.50 January … Continue Reading

New York State and City Employment Law Update

The beginning of 2016 is a busy year for New York employers.  Both the state and New York City have enacted a variety of laws expanding protections for employees.  Employers need to review their policies to ensure they are in compliance. NEW YORK STATE Effective January 19, 2016, the New York State Human Rights Law … Continue Reading

After Further Review… No Overtime for New York Contract Attorneys Engaged in Document Review Assignments

The latest chapter in a series of lawsuits filed by temporary contract attorneys against their employing law firms was written by Judge Ronnie Abrams of the United States District Court for the District of New York. As the final seconds ticked down towards the end of 2015 last week, the clock also struck midnight on … Continue Reading

New York City Commission on Human Rights Clarifies Which Positions are Exempt from Newly Effective Credit Check Law

As we covered in a prior blogpost in May 2015, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law an expansion of the New York City Human Rights Law impacting how employers may use credit checks.  The “Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act,” which became effective on September 3, 2015 (the “Act”), makes it … Continue Reading

New York City to Employers: No More Credit Checks!

Last week, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed into law a bill that expands the New York City Human Rights Law and makes it an unlawful discriminatory practice for employers to request or use consumer credit history for employment purposes or otherwise discriminate against an applicant or employee based on their consumer credit history. … Continue Reading

New York Employers: All Employees Must Sign Pay Rate Acknowledgments in January

An easy, but forgettable, compliance action occurs every January for New York employers – pay rate acknowledgements for current employees.  The New York Wage Theft Protection Act [pdf], which took effect on April 9, 2011, requires employers to have all employees in New York sign and date an acknowledgement of the employee’s wage rate by … Continue Reading

US New York Wage Deduction Regulations Take Effect

As we reported earlier, last year, New York amended its wage deduction statute [pdf] and greatly expanded categories of permissible deductions from employees’ pay.  In an earlier post, we discussed the regulations interpreting Labor Law Section 193 proposed by the New York Department of Labor.  The New York Department of Labor has now adopted those … Continue Reading

New Wage Deduction Regulations To Go Into Effect Soon: New York Employers Be Prepared

Last year, New York amended its wage deduction statute and greatly expanded categories of permissible deductions from employees’ pay.  In addition to statutory deductions and deductions for health and welfare plans which have traditionally been permissible, New York employers may now deduct wages for the benefit of the employee, including the following: insurance premiums and … Continue Reading

Paid Sick Leave Coming to New York City

New York City recently passed legislation to join only a handful of cities in the United States to mandate paid sick leave for employees.   New York City Council passed the Earned Sick Time Act overriding Mayor Bloomberg’s earlier veto.  The Earned Sick Time Act requires that employers of at least 20 employees provide paid sick … Continue Reading

New York City Prohibits Discrimination Based on Unemployment

Article co-authored by Lew Clark and Meghan Hill. On March 13, 2013, over the objection of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Council overwhelmingly passed a new ordinance prohibiting discrimination in employment based on an individual’s unemployment. The passage of the ordinance occurred after nearly one year of heated debate and will go into … Continue Reading

Can a hand grenade blow up a banking career?

Hot on the heels of the hapless Shearman & Sterling trainee and his inappropriate emails (see post 20 February), transatlantic financial news site hereisthecitynews http://hereisthecity.com/ brings word of another promising candidate for the 2012 Employment Law Worldview Career Suicide Awards.  Imagine that you work for an international bank in one of the largest skyscrapers in … Continue Reading

Employees in New York City to Enjoy New, Heightened Protection against Religious Discrimination

On August 17, the New York City Council enacted legislation which will make it easier for employees in New York to require their employers to accommodate religious beliefs. This would include Sabbath and holiday observance, religious clothing, headgear, facial hair, prayer during the workday, and other religious practices. The legislation, Int. No. 632-A, essentially makes … Continue Reading

New York Employers Face New Documentation Challenge with Wage Theft Prevention Act

Adding to New York employers’ already daunting challenge of complying with the myriad federal and state employment-related documentation requirements, the State Assembly recently added another. As one of his last official acts as Governor of New York, David Paterson signed the Wage Theft Prevention Act (the “WTP Act”) in December 2010, and the law goes … Continue Reading