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A sorry state of affaires – sack your mistress or lose your family

Back in January 2013, my colleague David Whincup published a blog about an Iowa dentist who dismissed his assistant because of the threat which his wife considered her to pose to their marriage. For those happy few who have spent the last 17 months wondering what would happen in similar circumstances in the UK, wonder … Continue Reading

Impact of claimant’s dishonesty on injury to feelings compensation

So here is Friday’s teaser – let us suppose that an Employment Tribunal has just decided that you have been sexually harassed by your former boss, that he was fixated by your breasts, habitually stared at them and frequently addressed them while in conversation with you.  He has also touched you, uninvited and unreciprocated, on … Continue Reading

“Crazy Miss Cokehead” – when banter goes too far

 Most workplaces do (and indeed probably should) have a degree of daily workplace banter between employees within the workplace.  It’s usually part of the oil which keeps the machine running happily and smoothly.  But when does the banter cross the line from a little reciprocal mickey-taking and verbal jousting to help the day go past … Continue Reading

Bright-line Rules Issued by US Supreme Court in Title VII Retaliation and Harassment Cases

On June 24, the Supreme Court issued two significant, employer-friendly decisions which effectively raised the bar for employees pursing retaliation and harassment claims under Title VII. University of Texas Southern Medical Center v. Nassar In a sharply divided 5-4 ruling, the Court held in University of Texas Southern Medical Center v. Nassar, No. 12-484 that … Continue Reading

Teenage kicks – when the truth hurts

So is it age discrimination to called a teenage employee a “teenager”?  All a question of context, the Employment Tribunal decided in Roberts –v- Cash Zone (Camberley) Limited last month, a ruling which also sheds some side-light on the use of other potentially discriminatory terms in the workplace.   Ms Roberts was 18 when dismissed by … Continue Reading

FHM: “Fun Harmless Magazine” or “Foul Harassing Misogyny”?

In an open letter to the Guardian, gender equality campaigners Object and UK Feminista demand that UK retailers withdraw the sale of “Lads’ Mags” life FHM and newspapers featuring “pornographic front covers” immediately.  Object have been campaigning to “Lose the Lads’ Mags” for ten years but their latest assault tackles the issue from a predominantly … Continue Reading

Breaking up is hard to do

The press coverage of England’s Euro 2012 team continues to be dominated by Rio Ferdinand’s omission from the England squad and the inclusion of his former centre-back partner John Terry. The controversy surrounds the fact that in December, Terry was charged by the Police with making racist comments to Ferdinand’s brother. Roy Hodgson, the England … Continue Reading