Global Edge LogoI used to think that our Global Edge International Employment Law product was pretty slick.  So did others, as we secured a Legal Business UK Award for Legal Technology Team of the year.

But now we have Global Edge 2.0, updated, uprated, up-scaled and just generally upped, and that is a wholly new set of capabilities altogether.  If your team has HR responsibilities across several countries, you are considering the employment issues arising from international acquisitions or you just want to keep an eye on employment law developments around the world, this is for you.

Global Edge 2.0 is not just an employment law database – anyone can cobble one of those together – but continually updated, flexible, forward-looking and now has a number of new functions granting users the ability to mould it more than ever to their own requirements.

It really takes a demo to appreciate how Global Edge 2.0’s full capabilities can assist you, but starting today, here is a series of posts on its new and improved features.  If you would like that demo at a time and place convenient to you, without cost or commitment, please contact us at

Below is the first of the key new features:

At a Glance Charts

It is obviously possible in time to create a Board-digestible spreadsheet on a particular employment law issue across your jurisdictions if you have patience enough to do the research and IT skills enough to get it into coherent form.  I don’t have either of those so I would use Global Edge 2.0’s At a Glance function instead.

Covering a range of issues from electronic signatures to holidays and minimum wage entitlements (see below), this allows you to create a multi-country chart as you type while also giving you a choice as to the level of detail provided.  It links back to the relevant sections of the detailed reports for more information where required.  Alternatively, with one click, the chart can be converted into a PDF and shared with colleagues.

So in minutes at most, you can produce and present either a summary document or something more granular, on a fully pre-formatted page or two covering a specific topic for the countries you want.  No longer need you be held back in life by lack of time, spotty international employment law sources or a continuing failure to see eye-to-eye with Excel.

Global Edge - At a Glance Screengrab

The second post in our series, making Global Edge 2.0 your own, will follow next week.