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Unclear and present danger – incorrect use of “Independent Contractor” arrangements may have expensive consequences

The ever-vexed question of whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor has once again come before the Australian courts. The recent decision of Balemian v Mobilia Manufacturing Pty Ltd & Anor provides a reminder to employers of the potential financial ramifications of getting this wrong.… Continue Reading

Did You Know?

Last month the Australian Fair Work Commission made its first formal bullying finding since the introduction of new anti-bullying laws at the start of 2014. The Commission found that two employees of a small real estate business subjected to repeated unreasonable behaviour by a property manager had been bullied at work within the meaning of … Continue Reading

When parental leave goes bad

An interesting question came up this week.  It seemed so simple at first that it was tempting to dash off an answer then and there.  But a moment’s second thoughts and 30 completely wasted billable units later, still no clear answer was found. It involved an employee wanting to return to work early from unpaid … Continue Reading