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Desperately seeking substance – BIS Call for Evidence on restrictive covenants

“We want to ensure that when used, covenants are justified, well-constructed, targeted and reasonable. There needs to be a balance which ensures the employer can protect its business interests when staff move on and the worker is not unfairly disadvantaged when they (SIC) decide to leave or start up their own business“. So says the … Continue Reading

UK employers named and shamed for National Minimum Wage breaches

Last week, Business Minister Jo Swinson publicly named and shamed 48 more employers which have paid their employees below the UK’s statutory minimum wage. The companies span the fashion, retail, hospitality and publishing sectors and are located right across the UK. They include the likes of the esteemed French Connection in London and Toni & … Continue Reading

UK Government proposals on Employment Tribunal practice suffer serious credibility gap

It wouldn’t happen in professional football. There you are as coach, carefully psyching up your team to a nerve-jangling peak of readiness in the dressing room when one of the match officials trots in to tell you that the other side would actually rather come back and do it in three months, if that’s OK … Continue Reading

UK Executive Pay: greater rights for shareholders

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) has launched a consultation on measures to give shareholders of UK-incorporated quoted companies greater influence over executive pay, through enhanced voting rights. These proposals are just part of the Government’s attempt to address wider concerns that the link between pay and performance in some of our largest … Continue Reading

Age of uncertainty – revisions to retirement rules?

More hot news from the Department of Cheap Political Gestures earlier this week.  Under the not even remotely inflammatory headline “Old Slackers Face the Boot” the Evening Standard Evening Standard – Politics RSS feed reports somewhat vaguely on new Government proposals to help employers with the tricky issue of raising retirement with their older staff.  … Continue Reading