We don’t often do shameless plugs on this blog (except for our own stuff, obviously), but here is one on behalf of the Civil Mediation Council and specifically its Workplace and Employment Sub-group.

That group is holding a conference on the afternoon of 1 February 2017 in the Old Library at Lloyds of London. It is aimed at helping organisations to bridge the gap between appreciation of mediation as an abstract concept and its practical implementation as a default part of their grievance and conduct management procedures.

We are big friends of mediation in the employment context (see our Insider’s Guide series, starting here https://www.employmentlawworldview.com/employment-mediations-an-insiders-guide-part-1/.  As a result, we are delighted to have been invited to speak on how you can use the offering of mediation as an effective and potentially hard-edged device in the resolution of many of the more typical internal grievances. Even if the suggestion of mediation is rejected or if a mediation takes place but reaches no resolution, this can still be actively useful in your handling of employee complaints about managers, peers or subordinates.  Mediation does not have to succeed to be helpful to you.

We are sharing a platform with speakers with high-level experience of introducing mediation into sometimes sceptical employers with great success, with two Sirs (the Chairs of ACAS and the CMC itself), with mediation providers and with a dispute resolution specialist who is going to do something clever with technology to create an instant audience poll on key questions. It should be really good.

If you are interested in the practical use of mediation in your workforce and would like to know more about how to implement it effectively within your organisation, this conference is for you.