In April we posted a fairly shameless plug for our new labour and employment product, Global Edge. Shameless, but justified.  If you have international HR responsibilities (in the traditional sense of “will be blamed if anything goes wrong in your overseas network“) then you should really take a look

Global Edge will provide you with guidance on 20+ different aspects of employment law (and, more relevantly, practice) across dozens of different countries around the world, at your fingertips in seconds. It puts at your disposal the legal input and practice advice of top-end employment advisors around the globe, providing all the key heads-ups and overviews you might reasonably need.  People who are better at IT than am I tell me that you can find a topic in a country with just 3 clicks and that to generate a full comparative report per topic across jurisdictions, or per jurisdiction across topics, takes only one or two more.

You can access it at any time of day or night, from work or on your mobile device, and know that it is updated at least quarterly. You can print it, sort it or in a quiet moment can just have a poke about in Global Edge’s new topics such as background checks and, arriving shortly, employee privacy. With Europe in the international spotlight following Brexit we will also be introducing a separate section for the European Union as a whole to deal with the various European Directives

But Global Edge is not just a compendious source of current labour and employment knowledge. We have now added a new On The Horizon feature.  This will let you show your Board or line management or local HR teams that you are on top of not just what the relevant law is but also when it is changing and what those changes may mean for your business on the ground.  It will tell you when those changes are coming, what actions are recommended and via its ‘action-status’ tracker, will give you time to prepare if practical issues will arise and time to dispel concerns if they won’t.  Global Edge will tell you which.  Have a look at this On The Horizon video to explain more – it’s only a minute long, so please see what you think.

Whether your remit covers three countries or 30, and whether your responsibilities for them are managerial or operational, please talk to us about Global Edge. We can run a free demo at your offices or remotely, you don’t even have to be (or become) a client of this firm and we ask no greater obligation of you than 30 minutes of your time.  On the upside, how about this as feedback so far?:

It provides access to top level employment law advice, fully maintained, and presented in plain English. Flexible and easily usable, this product is an essential part of every in-house lawyer’s toolkit“.

Senior EMEA Employment Counsel – Defence Sector Manufacturer

It’s terrific – I want Global Edge in my life“.

Senior EMEA HR Manager – Multinational Commercial Real Estate Services Business