Let’s face it – some law firm differentiators just don’t work.   

We’ve tried a number in our time, from risibly pretentious podcasts to printing all our documents landscape to ensure that they stood out (or rather, didn’t fit) in client or Tribunal files, to an advertising campaign based on whippets and racing pigeons which still makes me wake up sweating nearly a quarter of a century later.   

But now we have something new in Labour and Employment, and if you are in Legal or HR with international responsibilities, this does work.  You know that the shifting sands of UK employment practice can be treacherous enough, but when you have to operate in multiple jurisdictions, keeping on top of all the relevant law and practice across the piece becomes nearly impossible.  When an issue arises you can spend hours on the internet and thousands on local advice and still not be sufficiently confident to proceed with that dismissal, report or recommendation to your Board.  Is what you are being told up to date, accurate, complete and the best practical solution, or just a rehearsal of the law?   

Meet Global Edge.  This is our advanced Labour and Employment information portal, giving you access within a few clicks to current law and HR practice across the world.  Global Edge provides comprehensive plain-English guidance in over 20 separate topics from business immigration to zero hours contracts in 30 countries from Argentina to the UAE (we really need Zambia to make that one work, but never mind).  You want an immediate brief on minimum terms of employment in Malaysia?  Done.  Business transfers in Belgium?  Discrimination in Denmark?  Interns in India?  Notice in Norway?  [Editorial note: stop it now, that’s enough].  Or do you want a comparative report – are redundancy costs less or covenants harder to enforce in Chile or China?  Done, in each case in minutes only.  Global Edge can produce reports on single or multiple countries or topics in a variety of formats.  For your forward planning purposes, it includes “On the Horizon” and “News” features also.    

The content is updated at least quarterly by us and our global network of preferred specialist labour and employment lawyers.  Global Edge issues subscribers with email alerts for significant legal changes in any of your subscribed countries, together with periodic newsletters and ad hoc articles.  It is compatible with mobile devices including the ability to search and produce reports from your iPhone, iPad and others.  

There is a cost.  We can talk to you about that, depending on how many countries you would want to subscribe for (more countries equals less cost per country).  But before we do, please let us show it to you first.  For an absolutely no-commitment demonstration, please visit http://www.globaledge.legal and just click on the video.  Go on, take a look – what’s the worst that can happen?    

If you think Global Edge may be of interest to you then we would be delighted to talk to you about it.  Please contact Olivia Mardon on 00 44 207 655 1034 or Olivia.Mardon@squirepb.com.