Squire Sanders presents a series of webinars focussing on the key labour and employment issues in various countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

On 30 October 2012 at 4.00pm GMT (5.00pm CET, 12.00pm EDT) the featured country is Spain.  Ignacio Regojo and Juan Nasarre from Squire Sanders’ Madrid office will provide an update on the radical labour law reforms introduced by the Spanish Government in February this year and amended with effect from July, including how the reforms are being interpreted by the Spanish Courts and Tribunals.  The discussion will feature:

  • Unfair Dismissal – reduced unfair dismissal compensation and the removal of interim wages, as well as related tax issues.
  • Redundancies – removal of the Labour Authority prior authorisation requirement in collective redundancy situations and clarification of the definition of “economic” grounds for redundancy purposes.
  • Collective Agreements – including the July reduction from 2 years to 1 of the period a collective agreement will remain in force after it was due to expire in cases where the parties are unable to reach agreement on a renewal or replacement, and abolition of the mandatory retirement age of 65 in collective agreements.
  • Entrepreneurs – impact of the new type of contract introduced in February to assist entrepreneurs with fewer than 50 employees.

The main webinar presentation will last 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute question and answer session. It will be conducted in English.