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Webinar: Employment Law Worldview Webinar Series – Spain

Squire Patton Boggs presents a series of webinars focusing on the key labour and employment issues in countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the United States. Given in English by our local labour and employment law experts, each 60-minute webinar comprises a 50-minute presentation covering key “hot topics” in the featured jurisdiction, … Continue Reading

Keeping your employees in the dark about night work in the UK?

The BBC has reported that working at night can have an adverse long term effect on the health of employees. According to scientists at the Sleep Research Centre in Surrey, working night shifts affects the body’s natural rhythm or body clock and can alter hormone levels, mood and brain function. For those without medical degrees, … Continue Reading

Hotel Breaks Into Long Hours Culture

Another contender for our annual Not Remotely Self-serving Employee Survey Award popped up this week on the website of hotel chain Travelodge. Based on its review of 2000 workers across the UK, the Travelodge site offers the breathless reader a wealth of statistics aimed at showing how hard British employees work, and just how many … Continue Reading