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Australian Government releases Federal Religious Discrimination Bills – genuine consultation or playing politics?

On 29 August, Attorney General Christian Porter announced a package of draft Bills dealing with religious discrimination. They come in the wake of the termination of Israel Folau’s player contract by Rugby Australia for his social media posts vilifying homosexuals and others, although the issue has actually been simmering away on the Government’s agenda for … Continue Reading

Actual Knowledge of Need For Religious Accommodation Not Required, Supreme Court Rules

In a decision issued on June 1 [pdf], the U.S. Supreme Court held that a job applicant alleging disparate treatment by a hiring employer only must show “that his need for an accommodation was a motivating factor in the employer’s decision,” and not that the employer had actual knowledge of the applicant’s need for a … Continue Reading

US 6th Circuit: “Mark of the Beast” or Not, Employers Need Not Accommodate Religious-Based Refusal to Provide Social Security Numbers

Earlier this week, the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a discrimination lawsuit brought by an individual who claimed that FirstEnergy Generation Corp. had illegally failed to accommodate his sincerely-held religious beliefs. And what were those beliefs? That having a social security number (or any identification number, for that … Continue Reading

Football strip adds interest to UK’s religious accommodation debate

So what do you do with a Premiership footballer who refuses to wear his club’s strip because he has religious objections to the sponsor plastered across the front?   Treat it as a silly diva tantrum or as a legitimate manifestation of his beliefs?    Muslim Papiss Cissé has refused to wear Newcastle United’s new strip following … Continue Reading

Olympics Sunday trading – implications for retailers?

The UK Government recently announced that it will relax the Sunday trading laws (which currently prevent large stores from opening for more than six hours on Sundays) for an eight-week period during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.  It is keen to ensure that the UK is seen as “open for business” during this period … Continue Reading

Employees in New York City to Enjoy New, Heightened Protection against Religious Discrimination

On August 17, the New York City Council enacted legislation which will make it easier for employees in New York to require their employers to accommodate religious beliefs. This would include Sabbath and holiday observance, religious clothing, headgear, facial hair, prayer during the workday, and other religious practices. The legislation, Int. No. 632-A, essentially makes … Continue Reading

I’m a believer

Most people understand what a religion is, so normally it is fairly clear who would be protected by the UK’s religious discrimination laws. Periodic prayer, some possible impact on food or clothing perhaps, and your not being the only one, you know the sort of thing. But what about “philosophical beliefs”, also potentially protected by … Continue Reading