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Corporate discrimination claims become a reality in the UK – can this really be what Parliament intended?

Back at the end of July we noted the decision of the Liverpool Employment Tribunal in Gerry Abrams Limited –v- EAD Solicitors LLP that a limited company could claim age discrimination.  That rather surprising conclusion then went off to the Employment Appeal Tribunal which has just found in unassailably clear terms that this is correct … Continue Reading

Mock the weak(er sex)?

In a recent Radio Times interview Dara O’Briain, presenter of UK comedy quiz Mock the Week has hit back at BBC Director of Television Danny Cohen’s decision to require all such panel shows to feature at least one female comedian. While he obviously agrees that women should be involved in these programmes, said Mr Briain, … Continue Reading

Legal discrimination in the 21st century

Recently the General Synod of the Church of England voted to approve the ordination of women bishops.  However, the requisite two thirds majority was only reached in two (Bishops and Clergy) out of the three Houses.  The House of Laity was six votes short of the necessary two thirds majority, which ultimately meant that the … Continue Reading

Anti-discrimination rules to put on weight?

Listening to the Today programme on Radio 4 this week, I was somewhat surprised to hear that it had taken a Committee of MPs a three month inquiry, which included an online consultation and oral evidence, to conclude that a large number of the population are not satisfied with their (their own, not the MPs’, … Continue Reading

Hey, good looking – the ugly face of discrimination

An advertisement for a well-known pizza brand running on UK television at the moment leads the employment lawyer in us all (me, anyway) to consider the potential pitfalls of “look-ism” for employers. Dealing with that advert, to start. For the uninitiated, it starts with a slow-pan shot of a group of unnaturally good-looking and fearsomely … Continue Reading