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Saliva tests, breathalysers, protection of whistleblowers: time for employers in France to update their internal rules

Several recent developments require companies with at least 20 employees in France to update their current internal rules: the new discriminatory criterion (i.e. the ability to speak another language) recently added by law to the list of prohibited ones, the so-called “Sapin Law II” which introduced legal protection for whistle-blowers and the obligation for employers … Continue Reading

Virtual Works Council meeting gets the Court’s seal of approval

In a decision dated 26 October 2011, the French Supreme Court unexpectedly held that meetings of Central Works Councils could, under certain circumstances, take place via videoconference. This case dealt with a ‘virtual meeting’ which was organized unilaterally by the management of L’Oréal Cosmétique, without obtaining the approval of the relevant trade union (la Confédération … Continue Reading