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All zeros and ones – EAT sums up burden of proof for disciplinary decisions (UK)

Back in March we posted here a piece about dismissing to protect the employer’s corporate reputation. In that case the employer made a very difficult choice between the claimed (ultimately, actual) innocence of the employee and the harm which continuing to employ him might do if he turned out to be guilty. On the facts, … Continue Reading

Constructive dismissal the easy way

Transatlantic Financial Services website Financial Markets & Business News – Here Is The City – The Financial Markets Guide quoted last week a passage from the book “The Making of Goldman Sachs”.  It dealt with how Goldmans successfully upgraded its London staff without significant claims or severance payments, i.e. by being very “civilised” about the … Continue Reading

The blame game – competence and capability

Sick of having to chase your staff to perform?  Don’t see why they claim to be so stressed?  Ever thought it might all be your fault? A recent survey by the Chartered Management Institute provides some statistics which should at first sight have managers everywhere clutching for their laurels.  The survey of over 2,000 employees … Continue Reading