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He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice… the year’s best misconduct cases

As the Festive Season reaches its peak Down Under, we have taken a look back at the more ‘interesting’ cases of 2016 to help Santa prepare his Naughty or Nice List for Australian employers: First to be considered for Santa’s list is a labourer who, in the midst of a heated discussion, somewhat unchantably called … Continue Reading

Can’t sell alcohol? You’re not the only one…

With the excesses of the Festive Season now depressingly far behind us, M&S bosses may be wondering whether public memories have begun to fade about the outcry that arose following the store’s initial decision (and then swift apology) to allow Muslim shop assistants to refuse to serve pork and alcohol to customers. Certainly, in the … Continue Reading

“The three most important things a man has”, said writer Samuel Butler, “are his private parts, his money and his religious opinions”

In the world of work in the UK there have been many decided cases and much official guidance to employers to the collective effect that if they respect the third of Mr Butler’s list, the Employment Tribunal will let them keep the other two.  So why the uproar around Marks & Spencer last week, given … Continue Reading