Squire Sanders presents a series of monthly English language webinars featuring the employment laws of various key countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. These webinars will provide participants with an understanding of the essential characteristics of the employment laws in these countries from starting a business and developing employment policies to dealing with unions and every employment issue in between.

On 8 February 2012, our featured country is Hungary.  In July, a new Labour Code will come into force in Hungary and Zsolt Fabian and Csaba Vári from our Budapest office will discuss the impact of the new Code on:

  • Employers’ Rights
  • Employment Contracts including Declarations, Contracting Electronically, Legal Succession and Probation Periods
  • Termination – Severance Pay, Unlawful Dismissal
  • Working Hours including Overtime, On-Call Time and Standby
  • Holidays and Holiday Rules
  • Wage Regulations, Shift Premiums and Wage Protection
  • Liability for Damages
  • Employment Categories
  • Agency Workers and School Cooperatives
  • Agreements – Non-Compete, Study Contracts
  • Employee Relations – Unions, Works Councils, Associations and Labor Disputes

The main webinar presentation will last 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute question and answer session.  The webinar begins at 3.00pm GMT (4.00pm CET, 10.00am EST)