Would be grateful for your help on this one, please.

On its first day live, we are delighted to see our new Employment Law Cloud app rocket up the rankings to a terrific 11th place in the iTunes app store business section.  Now we just need to get it into the Top Ten, which is where you come in.

The Employment Law Cloud is an interactive and practical HR and legal solutions tool for iPhone and iPad users (see Charles Frost, 6 September, below).  It gives you access to seminars, bespoke training, a load of employment facts and figures, and some quite trendy calculators, all hopefully more than enough to compensate for the partner photos which I am afraid come with it too.

Our thanks to those who have already downloaded the Employment Law Cloud. For those who have not, it would be a great favour to us if you would do so as soon as you can and give it a look – it’s completely free, even though it is from lawyers.

If you like it, please tell your colleagues and friends (and of course the iTunes app store) – if you don’t, then we would obviously wish to hear that too.

Squire Sanders Hammonds’ Employment Law Cloud – the market–leading UK employment and HR solutions app.  Have the facts at your fingertips today.