On 3 June 2014 we wrote about the new addendum to the SYNTEC National Collective Bargaining Agreement and the possible implications for French employers.

By way of follow-up, from 1 August 2014, all companies covered by the SYNTEC CBA will be required to comply with the new addendum, not just those employers who are members of the two Federations that signed up to the addendum.

Under the terms of the new addendum, employers will be required to carry out strict monitoring of days worked and days taken off by certain staff (the so-called ”autonomous” executive-level employees) and will be required to have bi-annual meetings with employees.  Provided these new terms are carefully complied with, entering into “forfait jour” agreements under the SYNTEC CBA will be safe.  There are none of the rigid rules about sending or reading evening emails, “digital disconnection” or any of the other “sound-bites” which so excited the Press when the measures were first aired.  Reassuring news for employers.