On November 8, 2011, voters overwhelmingly rejected issue 2 which was a ballot referendum on Senate Bill 5 that, if enacted, would have significantly changed collective bargaining in Ohio.  Union organizers and democratic leaders view the victory as a loud message to Governor Kasich that Ohioans strongly support union negotiations.  In addition, the opponents of Issue 2 feel as though this momentum will carryover into the 2012 election.

Although Governor Kasich expressed that he respects the voice of the voters, it appears that unions will likely attempt to turn this win into a catalyst to stir up more union activity.   For employers, this means keeping a pulse on what is happening in the workplace.  As previously discussed here, there never is a time to discount the possibility of union activity.  As a result, employers should be prepared to react to potential unionization and have a strategy in place before the petition for certification is filed.