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New York Employers: All Employees Must Sign Pay Rate Acknowledgments in January

An easy, but forgettable, compliance action occurs every January for New York employers – pay rate acknowledgements for current employees.  The New York Wage Theft Protection Act [pdf], which took effect on April 9, 2011, requires employers to have all employees in New York sign and date an acknowledgement of the employee’s wage rate by … Continue Reading

A Reflection on California’s New Employment Laws, Part II

As previously reported here, California employers should gear up for additional legal requirements beginning next year including the following regarding compensation and classification of employees: Senate Bill 459:  Penalties for Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors (Effective Jan. 1, 2012):  Take note of SB 459.  During recent years, there has been nationwide scrutiny, at both … Continue Reading

Black Swan Interns Spotlight Failure to Pay Minimum Wage

On September 28, two unpaid interns who worked on the movie “Black Swan” filed suit in federal court in New York against Fox Searchlight Pictures claiming unpaid wages, penalties and interest on behalf of themselves and 100+ other interns who also worked on the film.  The interns allege they performed accounting and janitorial duties and … Continue Reading

California Poised to Raise the Stakes for Misclassifying Employees as Contractors and Failure to Pay Wages Properly

The California legislature passed two new laws employers should not ignore.  SB 459, now awaiting Governor Brown’s signature to go into law, imposes additional penalties against employers who are found to have willfully misclassified independent contractors.  Willful misclassification is defined as “avoiding employee status for an individual by voluntarily and knowingly misclassifying that individual as … Continue Reading