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“Fair dismissal for not wearing face-mask” headlines hide full story (UK)

It’s not natural for our freedoms and permissions to be limited in the way they have been since last March, so whatever one’s own views, it is hardly surprising that some have found those restrictions hard to swallow and have railed against COVID-19 related rules, state imposed or otherwise. The requirement to wear masks in … Continue Reading

Lessons from the Ryder Cup: don’t blast the boss in front of a world-wide audience

I’ll preface this blog by saying that I don’t play golf, nor do I really watch golf on television. I am firmly in Mark Twain’s “good walk spoiled” school on this one. The recent Ryder Cup however, I could get on board with. Pantomime cheering and booing like a TV talent show, fierce one-on-one competition, … Continue Reading

Liam Gallagher and Iowa dentist caught in compromising position

Back in January we ran a post concerning the dismissal of an Iowa dentist’s assistant because of the threat which his wife considered she posed to the stability of their marriage.  We floated there the question of whether a dismissal on those grounds – anticipated repudiatory breach of contract, if you like – could be … Continue Reading

The UK Bribery Act – a whole new ball game?

Putting a bus squarely through the proposition that justice must not just be done but be seen to be done, FIFA announced on Monday that it would not be initiating ethics proceedings against any of its executives, including one Jack A. Warner, on the basis that there was nothing to investigate.  Nothing? Really? A bold … Continue Reading