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The irritation game – does anyone else notice these things or is just you?

Moving on swiftly from distressing things interviewers can do to job candidates https://www.employmentlawworldview.com/nine-rudest-things-that-interviewers-do-to-job-seekers-sort-of/ what about the reverse, those things candidates do which most alienate the prospective employer? For the really committed recruiter, this process of irritation can begin well before you go to the trouble of actually meeting the candidate, on receipt of the CV.  … Continue Reading

High Court tells ex-employees to hand back control of LinkedIn Groups to employer

In recent webinars and workshops we have discussed the issues presented by the use of social networking sites, particularly LinkedIn, by employees who leave to join a competitor or set up on their own. Last week, written judgment was handed down in relation to an injunction application in the case of Whitmar Publications Limited v … Continue Reading