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Procedural leak sinks employer’s reliance on workplace drug tests

Although drug and alcohol testing is generally recognised in Australia as forming part of an employer’s armoury for managing its health and safety obligations, a recent Fair Work Commission decision has provided a salutary reminder that employers in Australia which fail to follow best practice when conducting such tests risk being on the wrong end … Continue Reading

Arizona Legislature Helps Clear the Smoke Created by Arizona Medical Marijuana Law

In March, we blogged about the new Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and the confusion the new law was sure to create for Arizona employers who have employees who are medical marijuana users. Arizona’s legislature responded to the concerns and enacted House Bill 2541, which clarifies when employers may terminate or take other adverse actions against … Continue Reading

Arizona Medical Marijuana Law Sure to Create Confusion Among Employers

Most US employers naturally have little tolerance for employees’ arriving to work under the influence of any illegal drug, including marijuana. Many Arizona employers have drug and alcohol testing policies which absolutely prohibit being at work possessing or being under the influence of marijuana and will often summarily terminate the employment of a marijuana-using violator. … Continue Reading