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Religious dress at work – where does the law now stand?

The vexed question of an employee’s right to manifest his religion in the workplace has twice raised its head in the EU courts in recent months. Employers seeking a definitive steer on the question should look away now. Both cases deal with similar facts and contain exhaustive reviews of relevant considerations and authorities, and then … Continue Reading

EU Advocate General’s decision on obesity as disability makes fat lot of difference

In the end, the Advocate General reached the inevitable conclusion – that obesity by itself is not automatically a disability, but can be if and when it “hinders full participation in professional life on an equal footing with other employees”, or (translated into the UK Equality Act’s definition) has a substantial adverse effect on a … Continue Reading

Coronation Street, two Advocate Generals and surrogacy in Europe

Hot on the tail of UK soap opera Coronation Street’s recent surrogacy plot line (so I have been told) are two recent Advocate General opinions on the topic of intended mothers’ rights to maternity leave under the EU Pregnancy Working Directive (PWD). Unhelpfully, one opinion states that intended mothers are entitled to maternity leave and … Continue Reading