Squire Sanders continues its series of monthly webinars featuring the employment laws of various key countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. These webinars provide participants with an understanding of the essential characteristics of the employment laws in these countries from starting a business and developing employment policies to dealing with unions and every employment issue in between.  

This month on September 21 at 10 EDT, 2 GMT, 3 BST, and 4 CEST time we will cover Spain.Ignacio Regojo and Juan Nasarre, from our Madrid office, will discuss:

  • Types of Worker Engagements (Ordinary Employment,
    Top Executive, Consulting, Agency, etc.)
  • Fixed Term and Part-time Work
  • Contract Clauses Including Noncompete, Nonsolicitation, Outside Interest, Obligation Not to Leave the Job
  • Employee Rights on Day One – Social Security System Registration, Protection From Discrimination, Health and Safety, Holiday Entitlement, Unfair Dismissal and More
  • Collective Rights (Trade Unions, Collective Consultation, etc.)
  • Immigration
  • Termination – Methods, Notice and Documentation

The main webinar presentation will last 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute question and answer session.

A recording of our UK webinar is now available online.

Our October webinar will focus on the Czech Republic. Future webinars will cover the employment laws of France, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Hungary, China, Japan, Latin America, and also the United States including a special California-focused program.