The Squires international employment law portal continues its growth with the release last week of its Nigeria section.

No more desperate internet searches, no more conflicting information or worrying about whether you are getting the whole picture – Global Edge offers you the opportunity to research specific questions or to compare and contrast Nigerian labour costs, laws and good practice with your other international operations as you prefer, all in less than a minute.

With grateful thanks to our colleagues at Perchstone & Graeys in Lagos, you can now keep abreast of the latest developments in Nigerian employment law and practice as updated quarterly by P&G, including the growing application of international conventions without their formal incorporation into domestic statute, new Nigerian practice on the expiry of probationary periods and the extent of an employer’s obligation to provide a valid reason for dismissal.

There are some omissions. Global Edge will not tell you, for example, that according to a UN report last year, Nigeria is Africa’s sixth happiest country. You will also find nothing about the Ancient Walls of Benin, which the New Scientist says were “perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet”. Apparently four times longer than the Great Wall of China and using a hundred times more stone than the Pyramids, they were still completed more quickly than the roadworks on the M1.

Global Edge now covers detailed commentary on up to 30 separate employment-related topics in 35 countries around the world, with more to come. A Global Edge subscription will give you not just the current state of play in your chosen countries, but also a horizon-scanning insight into proposed and imminent HR developments which may affect your business there.

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