Quite a milestone passed this week when the Squire Sanders UK Employment Cloud app reached its 50,000th download.

I could say that this is down to the time I spend in Apple stores setting it up on all the demo iPads while nobody is looking, but the reality is that not even the most enthusiastic electronic fly-posting of this sort could get close to the 250 downloads per day which the app is now attracting.  That must be the product of more traditional factors, not least its just being really really good.

Our free app will give you instant access to employment news updates, a raft of essential facts for UK employers, this blog and some particularly whizzy calculators for statutory redundancy pay and maternity leave rights.  You can also find details of the Squire Sanders international Labour & Employment team for access to advice for your operations overseas.

So please do us both a favour – you because you might like it and me because the Apple staff are beginning to look at me rather oddly – and visit the iTunes store today to help us towards the next 50,000.