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UK Employment Appeal Tribunal confirms that statutory holiday pay should include voluntary overtime

One of the last remaining pieces in the jigsaw of what constitutes “normal pay” for the purpose of calculating statutory holiday pay was slotted into place by the Employment Appeal Tribunal on Monday when it confirmed that such calculations should include voluntary overtime. Willetts and Others v. Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council is a claim for … Continue Reading

9th Circuit Tips its Cap to the DOL – Upholds 2011 DOL Rule that Restricts Tip Pooling

A three-judge Ninth Circuit panel upheld a 2011 Department of Labor (DOL) rule barring employers from including employees in tip pools who do not customarily and regularly receive tips. The split Ninth Circuit decision in Oregon Restaurant and Lodging, et al. v. U.S. Department of Labor, et al. is perhaps a small step for Circuit … Continue Reading