Ever wished that you could enthral your dinner guests by an inside look at the authorities on EU holiday pay?  Sick of being told by your bosses that they know more about the Acquired Rights Directive than you do?  Let us help.

Understanding the laws in one jurisdiction can be challenging enough but superimpose the EU legal framework on them and the dynamics change again. Variations in the local implementation of legislation among member states and the impact of ECJ judgments on local law add another layer of complexity that cannot be ignored or confined to one country by employers, particularly those with cross-border operations where a big-picture overview is vital. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the addition to our Global Edge product of a suite of reports focused on EU-related employment laws, offering you the same extensive topic coverage as with any individual Global Edge country.

The EU suite launched last week covering 23 key issues such as business transfers, discrimination, European Works Councils and posted workers, together with an “On the EU Horizon” section to allow risk identif­­ication and mitigation at a macro level.  Additional topics will soon be added to the EU portfolio, including holidays, maternity leave and the pivotal new General Data Protection Regulation.

And for all the Brexit ostriches out there, don’t think that one General Election and a bit of reciprocal posturing round the negotiating table are going to mean that Brexit makes EU labour law irrelevant to you.  The UK isn’t going anywhere else for its law for at least 2 years and even after that, EU Directives and case decisions will continue to play a part in UK employment matters for a long time to come.

Having instant access to the latest information on everyday employment law topics in one place will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your more pressing business priorities. For more information, or to request your free demonstration or brochure, please email global.edge@squirepb.com or call +44 207 655 1357. To learn more about Global Edge and its capabilities, do watch this two-minute video:

Key Benefits of Annual Subscription

  • Enables you to make significant savings on external legal fees for “commoditised” employment law information
  • Makes your job easier by centralising international employment law into one hub, meaning you can avoid wasting endless hours searching the internet
  • Currently covers 30 individual countries, the EU and 28 areas of law, with more to be added
  • Allows you to prepare tailored country or multicountry reports in less than 30 seconds
  • Easy-to-use format, written in plain English with no legal jargon
  • “On the Horizon” feature informing you of legal changes so you can prepare for them in good time; multicountry Horizon reports can be created in seconds
  • News articles and the news feed provide overviews and updates on the latest developments for the countries covered
  • Links to international labour law webinars
  • Mobile site allows you to access and create multicountry reports while on the move from all Apple/Android compatible devices


Olivia Mardon
Director of Global Edge
T+44 207 655 1034
E olivia.mardon@squirepb.com