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A Last Hurrah?  NLRB Majority Elevates Form over Substance to Give Union Another Chance After Election Defeat

With a soon-to-be reformulated Board, which will be comprised of a majority of Republican appointees, don’t expect to see decisions like this again anytime soon.  In 2015, the NLRB pushed through changes to its rules governing the secret ballot election process by which employees determine whether they wish to be represented by a labor union.  … Continue Reading

NLRB Exercises Jurisdiction Over Charter Schools

It’s been a busy summer for the National Labor Relations Board.  After issuing important decisions expanding the reach of the National Labor Relations Act to allow university graduate assistants and  temporary workers to seek to join unions, as well as decisions expanding back pay awards and limiting employers’ ability to replace striking staff, on August … Continue Reading

NLRB Issues New Captive Audience Rule for Mail-Ballot Elections

The NLRB opened a busy February by overruling a rule it established in 1959 governing when captive audience meetings may be held for mail-ballot elections. For nearly 60 years, there was a divide in the way the NLRB handled captive audiences for mail-ballot elections and manual (in-person) elections. For mail-ballot elections, the NLRB followed the … Continue Reading

President Obama Vetoes Senate Joint Resolution Disapproving NLRB’s New Union Election Rules

For only the fourth time in his presidency, on March 31, President Obama vetoed a joint resolution passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives that disapproved – and would have voided – the NLRB’s new union election rules.  (See our prior post summarizing the rules here.)  In a “Memorandum of Disapproval,” the President … Continue Reading

Congress Gears Up Against NLRB’s Pro-Labor Agenda

Although early in its first session, the new Republican-controlled Congress is living up to the expectation that it will force numerous showdowns between the legislative and executive branches of our federal government.  Included in the many items upon which the new Congress and President Obama will likely disagree are certain National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) … Continue Reading

Déjà vu All Over Again – The National Labor Relations Board Re-Issues “Ambush Election” Rules

In June 2011, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB” or “Board”) proposed an administrative rule that sought to dramatically change the processes and procedures by which labor unions obtain the right to represent private sector US employees. The rule faced fierce opposition, with more than 65,000 comments filed, most opposing the changes, which in substance, … Continue Reading