After a breathless April saw Global Edge secure awards for lawyer innovation and technology in London and Dubai, our celebrated international Employment Law portal starts May with the addition of a new jurisdiction, Portugal.

As a taster, did you know that they have over 1,000 different ways of cooking cod there, and that despite 95% of Portugal’s sovereign territory being open sea, the fish is almost all imported? Or, on the port front, that the country produces over half the world’s corks?

Actually lovers of port and codfish will find nothing on Global Edge about Portuguese cuisine, sorry. On the upside, they will find an instantly-accessible run-down of over 20 key employment law topics for businesses running or planning operations in Portugal courtesy of employment specialists at leading Lisbon firm FCB Legal. Did you know that dismissals, for example, are subject to strict procedural rules and almost always effected by agreement? That the restrictions and obligations of sector-based collective bargaining agreements can be imposed on employers quite without their signing-up to the agreement itself and regardless of whether their staff are unionised?   Or that material fines and claims await employers with staff in Portugal who are not on top of these rules?

Portugal takes Global Edge’s reach to 34 countries around the world with more planned shortly. If you want something more constructive to talk about with your local management there (or anywhere else) than alcohol and cod recipes, Global Edge is what you need. To arrange a free demonstration, please contact