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Webinar: Employment Law Worldview Webinar Series – France

Squire Patton Boggs presents a series of webinars focusing on the key labour and employment issues in countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the United States. Presented in English by our local labour and employment law experts, each 60-minute webinar comprises a 50-minute presentation covering key “hot topics” in the featured jurisdiction, … Continue Reading

Webinar: Employment Law Worldview Webinar Series – Hong Kong

Squire Patton Boggs presents a series of webinars focussing on the key labour and employment issues in countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the United States. Presented in English by our local labour and employment law experts, each 60-minute webinar comprises a 50-minute presentation covering key “hot topics” in the featured jurisdiction, … Continue Reading

President Obama Pushes Increased Funding and High Hopes for the DOL, EEOC, and NLRB in the FY 2016 Proposed Budget

On February 2, 2015, President Obama released his proposal for the FY 2016 budget.  In it he requests across the board funding increases for the Department of Labor (10.9% increase from FY 2015), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2.3% increase from FY 2015), and the National Labor Relations Board (1.4% increase from FY 2015). Considering the disparity between … Continue Reading

End of the Week Roundup: January 30, 2015

In case you missed it, we had a number of interesting items to discuss this past week (and a few new things to pass along, discussed below): Ryan Sobel discussed two new decisions out of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, each involving some unusual facts: the first reversing a lower court’s decision ordering a university … Continue Reading

Launch of new UK Retail Industry Report

I am pleased to confirm that we have just released our Retail Report for 2015. This has been done in conjunction with Kantar Retail, the British Retail Consortium and Retail Trust and features a foreword from the BRC and from Andy Street of John Lewis.   An increasingly important element of any plan for growth is … Continue Reading

Industrials Insight – Employer Successor Liability in US Asset Acquisitions

Retaining or hiring employees as part of a transaction, even in the context of an asset acquisition, presents a host of issues related to potential successor employer obligations under the various labor and employment laws. Generally, the courts and government will look to the following criteria, which are applicable in some way or another to … Continue Reading

UK High Court rewrites ineffective covenant and grants 12 month non-competition restraint

In a somewhat surprising application of the rules of construction, the High Court has in Prophet plc v Huggett [2014] EWHC 615 (Ch) upheld a restraint preventing a salesman from selling software in the fresh produce sector for a period of 12 months.  Mr Huggett was engaged by his former employer, Prophet, in 2012 following … Continue Reading

Stormin’ Normin’ – the case for nice hotels in the country

I recently facilitated a leadership workshop for the senior management team of a leading PLC to focus on clarifying their strategic focus and objectives and develop their leadership competencies.  They are a relatively new team who work remotely and rarely meet as a whole group, getting together mostly in smaller groups focussed on immediate operational … Continue Reading

Strong message from the UK Border Agency to registered Sponsors of foreign students

Late last month the UK Border Agency (UKBA) took high-profile action against London Metropolitan University to revoke the University’s Tier 4 sponsor licence and Highly Trusted Sponsor status. Following an audit conducted by the UKBA, claimed failures by the University to ensure compliance with the Immigration Rules and UKBA policy have led the UKBA to … Continue Reading

A little less conversation, a little more action

With the possible exception of most teenagers and all the characters in EastEnders, few people actually relish confrontation.  In the workplace this anxiety is compounded by the fear that falling out with a colleague will lead either to an eternity of moody silences and catty remarks, or some Wagnerian undoing in the Employment Tribunal.  Little … Continue Reading

Helping the needy in making redundancies

Perhaps motivated by continued concerns about the state of the economy, or maybe just by an accident of timing, ACAS has recently issued a revised version of its Redundancy Handling Guidance . It contains nothing very new for the most part, except a debut reference to the role of the person nominated to tell … Continue Reading

Upholding grievances – kill or cure?

If you make some horrible error in your treatment of an employee, how far can your addressing it swiftly prevent it becoming a constructive dismissal claim?   Two quite similar stories in the law reports shed some light on this.  In 2010 the Court of Appeal concluded in Bournemouth University Higher Education Corporation –v- Buckland that … Continue Reading

To pay or not to pay: the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees

Most unlike the UK Government’s proposed policies to cause controversy, I know, but it is fair to say that its recent decision to introduce Tribunal fees from Summer 2013 has really kicked up a storm in the employment teacup.  Branded as outrageous, punitive, over-complicated and even unlawful by some, and refreshing, positive, necessary and welcome … Continue Reading

Going Maverick: Employment Judges lose their wingmen

In April 2012 the UK Government introduced reforms allowing unfair dismissal claims to be heard by an Employment Judge sitting alone (rather than with the usual two wing members).  The Employment Appeal Tribunal has recently expressed reservations about this change, echoing the thoughts of 62% of the respondents to the Government’s consultation on this proposal.  … Continue Reading

Employer cries foul over football mania

Football in Spain is big and never more so than now.  In the last four years the Spanish national football team has won no less than three major championships: the European Championship in 2008 and 2012 and the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.    As you can imagine there was an explosion of happiness … Continue Reading

What price motherhood?

An article on BBC online this week ( trumpets the fact that Marissa Mayer announced that she is 6 months pregnant at the same time that she is launched as the new Yahoo CEO.   Is this news?  Here in the UK we’ve had the Sex Discrimination Act (now, of course, the Equality Act), since 1975, … Continue Reading