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NLRB Gives the OK for US College Athletes to Unionize

In January, Northwestern University football players petitioned the NLRB to be recognized as a union.  (Previously published here).  Yesterday, to the surprise of many, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) granted the unprecedented request, finding that grant-in-aid scholarship football players are “employees” within the meaning of the federal law and are therefore eligible to unionize. … Continue Reading

UK Employment Tribunals share your pain. No, really

Obviously when you hold a high judicial office in the UK you have to be very measured in the reports you can make about your function – no ranting tweets here about your boss/service-users/colleagues/coffee, thank you, or that’s your gong firmly down the drain.   Which makes all the more laudable the very clear disgruntlement discernible … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Adopts Joint Employer Liability for Title VII Claims

On December 10, 2013, the Sixth Circuit formally adopted a new theory plaintiffs can use to hold entities liable under Title VII. In EEOC, et. al., v. Skanska USA Building, Inc., 2013 FED App. 1021N (6th Cir.), the Sixth Circuit found that Skanska, a general contractor, was liable under Title VII though Skanska did not … Continue Reading

Party politics – a re-appraisal of corporate entertainment for the festive season

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (the 1980s), Christmas parties were an excuse for a good old knees-up, staggering amounts of inebriation, wildly inappropriate conversations, and for drunken staff to get anything off their chest to the MD safe in the knowledge that he (and in those days it almost always … Continue Reading

Dealing with Fishing Expeditions

Recently we’ve seen a number of disgruntled employees exercise their rights under the Data Protection Act to make Data Subject Access Requests of their employers. Having a genuine concern to see one’s own personal data is all well and good, but what if you suspect that it is nothing more than a fishing expedition for … Continue Reading

Mishandled appraisals – the public post-mortem

On the train into London you cannot help but overhear conversations, either two or more people travelling together but still feeling the need to raise their voices, or an individual on the phone.  Whatever happened to the convention that imposing your conversation on others, especially in the morning, was quite beyond the pale? Anyway, this … Continue Reading

Much ado about nothing – new BIS consultation

Ninety-six.  That is how many possible different claims an employee could have against his employer according to the recently-issued Department for Business Innovation & Skills Consultation document on Ending the Employment Relationship.  Mind you, that includes such belters as the Fishing Vessels (Working Time: Sea Fishermen) Regulations 2004 and the ever popular European Public Limited … Continue Reading

It’s tough at the top – the vulnerability of leadership

Throughout my career I have worked with some fantastic leaders. I keep a little notebook where I write down interesting quotes, ideas and thoughts that I pick up from them from time to time. For example, during a recent conversation with a CEO about leadership and performance, I was struck by his attitude towards his … Continue Reading

Unchartered Territory

Great news for fans of cheap political propaganda this week as the Department for Business Innovation & Skills releases an updated version of its 2011 Employers’ Charter. The original version was a shallow gesture aimed at dispelling the belief common among retired Colonels and other Daily Express readers that UK employment laws are all tilted … Continue Reading