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Influencer Advertising: How Brands Can Successfully Navigate Using Influencers or Dealing With Employees Posting About Work on Social Media (UK)

Influencer advertising is on the rise. In response to this, regulators have issued a joint guide on advertising laws and rules. We discuss perspectives in this brief video on how brands can successfully navigate using influencers and what happens when employees post about work on social media.… Continue Reading

Launch of new UK Retail Industry Report

I am pleased to confirm that we have just released our Retail Report for 2015. This has been done in conjunction with Kantar Retail, the British Retail Consortium and Retail Trust and features a foreword from the BRC and from Andy Street of John Lewis.   An increasingly important element of any plan for growth is … Continue Reading

Shopping around for HR challenges

Squire Sanders recently co-hosted The Retail Debate: Fight or Flight in Leeds to consider the shape of the UK retail industry in the current economic climate and what the future may hold in the ever-changing retail landscape. A number of key themes emerged from the “People Power” breakout session and it became clear that many … Continue Reading

Olympics Sunday trading – implications for retailers?

The UK Government recently announced that it will relax the Sunday trading laws (which currently prevent large stores from opening for more than six hours on Sundays) for an eight-week period during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.  It is keen to ensure that the UK is seen as “open for business” during this period … Continue Reading

Abolition of default retirement age

From 6 April the UK Government has abolished the default retirement age of 65. This is good news and bad. The good news is that employers will be able to retain a fixed retirement age if they can justify it. The bad news is that this is more or less impossible. Our enquiries of our … Continue Reading