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European elections: also sneaking into your company?

Between 23 and 26 May coming, more than 400 million European citizens will have the right to vote in the European Parliament elections, albeit some may perhaps do so more enthusiastically than others. Among those 400 million potential voters, a fair share are in active employment. So what do you need to know about the … Continue Reading

Spanish government seeks to combat undeclared work

On 6th May 2011 the Spanish Official Gazette published Royal Decree 5/2011 on measures “to regularise and combat undeclared employment, and to promote renovation works for habitual residences in order to regularise and combat undeclared employment”. The Royal Decree offers an amnesty period from 7 May to 31 July 2011 during which employers can register … Continue Reading

Immigration reform in Spain

Even though Spain is facing its deepest recession in half a century – with an unemployment rate of over 20% in the first quarter of 2011 – it still has important appeal for foreign investors, not only for those seeking to enter its domestic market, but also for those looking to use it as a … Continue Reading