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Industrials Insight – Employer Successor Liability in US Asset Acquisitions

Retaining or hiring employees as part of a transaction, even in the context of an asset acquisition, presents a host of issues related to potential successor employer obligations under the various labor and employment laws. Generally, the courts and government will look to the following criteria, which are applicable in some way or another to … Continue Reading

Multi-state Employers Beware of State Wage Laws

This week’s decision [pdf] from a Pennsylvania district court invalidating the FLSA fluctuating work week method under Pennsylvania wage law serves a good reminder to multi-state employers that just because something is okay under the federal wage law does not necessarily make it so under the corresponding state wage law.  Employers should always ensure that their … Continue Reading

Can You Spot Your Wage & Hour Problems?

The following list of questions provides a snapshot to use in determining whether or not you are complying with the wage and hour laws and regulations. You should know the answer to every one of these questions. Although a “No” answer does not necessarily mean you are in violation of any laws or regulations, you … Continue Reading